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Training you can trust for a dog you can be proud of, since 1986.

I believe so much in the Canine Country School training philosophy that I drive three hours to drop off (my dog) any time she needs a tune-up or boarding!

~ Pamela, Aspen

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are offered in one of three locales (at our school, in your home or at a park in either Glenwood or Gypsum). This is a great option if you have specific training needs, a tight schedule or prefer custom coaching.

Your dog can learn how to walk gently by your side, rest quietly when asked, and come when called. Learning manners such as greeting guests politely and waiting during family meals is easy when you train your own dog with the guidance of a competent, fair and kind Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Packages are available when multiple lessons are desired. Sessions are tailored to fit your lifestyle and include humane, effective solutions to problems such as:

Private lessons at your home

$300 each for one dog

or $1000 package of four

$450 each for two dogs

or $1500 package of four

(plus mileage beyond the town of Eagle or Glenwood Springs at $1/mile one way)

Private lessons at Canine Country School

$150 each

or $500 for four lessons regardless of lesson duration

Private Lessons in the Park


or $800 for four lessons regardless of lesson duration

(plus mileage beyond the town of Eagle or Glenwood Springs at $1/mile one way)

Real Life Combination Package of 4 lessons


One lesson at your location, two at Canine Country School, and one in the park

(plus mileage beyond the town of Eagle or Glenwood Springs at $1/mile one way)

We are currently booking about two to three weeks out for most lessons here at CCS. Off-site Private Lessons are about four to six weeks out. We tailor programs for individualized goals regularly. We offer lots of fun things to do with your dog once you have the basics down.

All treats and training tools are included

We tailor programs for individualized goals

We are currently booking about two weeks out for most things except for in home private lessons (which are about three weeks out)

Most Private Lessons take place outside. Please check the weather and dress accordingly!


The Mini Course - two weeks

Developed for the "do-it-yourselfer" who wants a professional head start. This course includes two weeks of intensive training and boarding at the Canine Country School. A checkout, scheduled at your convenience, will guide you as you complete the training.

The Master Course - four weeks

Designed for the busy person "on the go" who wants a well-mannered companion. We provide all the equipment and training for four weeks of Boarding School. Your dog will learn from a custom designed training program tailored to your lifestyle. Your individualized goals will be given special attention during daily training exercises. At graduation a special session will be set up to explain and transition all the signals your dog has learned.

The VIP Course - twelve weeks

Created for gifted dogs headed for the show ring or owners with lofty goals. This twelve weeks of boarding school will give your dog the knowledge and polish required for the competitive AKC show ring, service dog work, or specialized training. A skilled handler will train or travel with your dog.

Free shuttle service available at I-70 & Dotsero

All classes require dogs to be healthy and vaccinated

Intact animals must not be in heat when attending class

Obedience Classes


6 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Puppies of all breeds with a clean bill of health from the vet are welcome.

Appropriate ages to participate: from the second set of puppy vaccines to twenty-four weeks.

Objectives: This class is dedicated to socializing to children, skateboards, shovels, glossy floors, beards, other animals etc. Teach your dog to be flexible in his thinking while adapting easily to change, with basic obedience. Understanding canine psychology will help prevent behavior problems later.

Basic / Intermediate Obedience

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Owners should know the things that stimulate their dog (good and bad) and know their desired areas of work. Understanding what motivates their dog (food, play, activity) is also helpful.

Goals: Dog and handlers are encouraged to interact in a controlled training environment. Upon graduation dogs will be able to focus better with distractions, pass other dogs on the path and "Come" or "Leave It!" more reliably when asked.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)

Intermediate / Advanced Obedience

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Your dog should know Sit and Down from both the front and side. Stay in place for 10 seconds (no distractions) until released, come without distraction from 6' and demonstrate loose leash walking with easy redirection.

Goals: This class will consist of working the six basic obedience commands during heavy distractions: "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Come", "Heel" & "Leave It" while learning how to greet people and dogs on leash. You will learn to encourage your dog to perform correctly with appropriate communication and understanding between dog and handler. Reinforcement schedules will be discussed to clearly understand the process of weaning from motivator.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)

Awesome Off-Leash

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Dogs that could pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation are ideal for this class; this includes great onleash behavior. Dogs should be social and controllable with others (when the group commingles while learning), come when asked all the time, and be prepared to travel.

Goals: This class will give you the instruction needed to make the jump. The classes will be held indoors at first (primarily working on impeccable leash heeling while weaning from head halters or no-pull harness reliance) then outside where we'll work off-leash safely while confined behind the fence where it's secure and legal to allow dogs freedom from the leash.

Come Even If You See A Cat

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Dogs need to have motivation for something the handler can control (food, toy, activity). Owners need to have the ability to move spritely and meet in varying locales.

Goals: This class teaches dogs to respond to their owner regardless of what confronts them. By following the rules of the class and the practice opportunities provided, your dog will come reliably 100% of the time. Some handlers of really difficult or mature dogs, find that repeating the class a second time gives them that last bit of success they're looking for.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)

Competition Conditioning

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Handlers should have control of their dog.

Goals: Prepare your pooch for winning ribbons while competing at the local RFKC Fun Match. There will be stations for practicing rally, obedience, Canine Good Citizen criteria and conformation.

Specialty Classes

Downtown Adventure

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Designed for people who work their dogs regularly. Dogs should be social with other people and animals. Prepare to travel to different locations to polish your handling and your dog's already great manners.

Goals: Weekly classes are held at different locations throughout te community, so owners will be introduced to local areas, to exercise and work their dogs. Tours through Glenwood Springs allow for proper loose leash walking & greeting & etiquette.

Nose Work

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Healthy and controllable dog with a handler that can stand and walk are encouraged. This is a great class for timid or aggressive dogs as well as any dog with a good nose. Great exercise for winter!

Goals: Teach your dog to find lost things. Exercise your dog's ability to find given scents through air scenting. Let them use their nose for their pleasure and yours!

(Great option for cranky dogs!)


4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Social, healthy and controllable dog with a handler that can stand, propel themselves forward and stop on cross country skis. We have harnesses and lines, you bring X country skis and hip belt (call or email for more details).

Goals: Exercise your dog this winter with a group of other dog enthusiasts, while teaching voice control and teamwork. Always comply to leash laws and enjoy outings in nature with your dog, especially if they have yet to master "Come".

Sports Sampler (Active)

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Active owners that want different ways to play with their active dogs. Your pup should have the ability to focus on you for basic obedience. We provide equipment.

Goals: Introduce you and your dog to four different canine activities: backpacking / canicross, flyball, treibball and agility. Safety and teamwork are encouraged. Learn to interact with your pooch in ways that deepen your bond.

Sports Sampler (Calm)

4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: For owners that want different ways to play with their older or calmer dogs, or have physical limitations.

Goals: We will introduce you and your dog to four different canine activities: tracking & nose work, rally, tricks and treibball. Safety and teamwork are encouraged. Strengthen your relationship and increase the communication with your pooch.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)


4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Healthy and controllable dogs with a desire to herd or work are welcome. Bring your own fitness ball or rent one (call for more details) and teach your dog to herd it.

Goals: Exercise your dog in a small space this winter with minimal effort from you. This sport teaches voice control from a distance.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)

Agility Drop-In (April-October)

$100 per lesson or $350 for 4 lessons

Prerequisites: Active owners with active dogs. Pups need to be social with the ability to be attentive to their master.

Goals: Work on safe, basic obstacle maneuvering. This is a great class to work communication and control in a high-energy environment while having the opportunity to play in the river.

Beach Party Drop-In (April-October)

$50 per one hour session

Prerequisites: Owners of active, swimming dogs to play at, in and around the river within the safety of a fenced yard and calm water. It is a high-drive, social environment where owners play with their dogs. Come ready to swim or boat with your pup.

Goals: Working on swimming, retrieving and basic obedience, this is a highly distracting, but controllable training area. Working your commands intermittently with playing is highly recommended and very effective.

(Drop-In classes require a 24 hour RSVP)

Canicross / Backpacking

4 hikes for $250

Prerequisites: Moderately active owners with working, active dogs. Pups must be under control at all times via harness or pack (equipment is available). This is a walking class that emphasizes responsible canine conduct.

Goals: Hikes will teach numerous skills for both dog training and handler safety while enjoying our wild areas. Prepare for joring sport such as skijoring or bike joring.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)


4 lessons for $250

Prerequisites: Dogs that enjoy sniffing and using their nose will enjoy this ground scenting class very much. Owners must have basic control of their dog and their own harness and long line.

Goals: Some owners join this class because tracking brings their dog so much joy. Others want to work on their dog's ability to find lost gloves, keys, animals or people.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)

Therapy Dog Prep

4 classes for $100

Prerequisites: Dogs should be social and obedient with other animals and every type of person. Be prepared to travel to different locations.

Goals: Let us guide you and your dog through the training and conditioning needed for Therapy Dog status. Teach your dog how to be a good ambassador while demonstrating responsible handling, as you learn how to volunteer safely with your pooch.

Reactive Rover

5 classes + 1 private lesson for $350

Prerequisites: For dogs that are showing social inappropriateness with other animals or people, whether fear or dominance based. Owners need to be able to make all the classes and follow directions closely.

Safety First!

Goals: Teach your dog to change his response to what he perceives as a threat. This class educates handlers on canine body language awareness, handling, training techniques including counter-conditioning, desensitization and canine psychology.

(Great option for cranky dogs!)


4 classes for $250

Prerequisites: Owners that want different ways to play with their dogs. Your pup should have the ability to focus on you for basic obedience. Dogs should be social and obedient with other animals and people.

Goals: Have fun, learn tricks and get an AKC Trick title!

Weekend Workshops ($15-$150)

Hunting Without Harm

Teach your four-legged friend the behaviors needed to hunt with you safely and successfully without actually working with live birds. This workshop nurtures controlled prey drive, self-control with heavy distraction and gives the dog the opportunity to run, flush and retrieve. Introduced topics will include: Safety, Available Resources, Dummy Retrieve - with or without scent or wings, Shot Dummy Retrieve- working with .22 blanks, Hand signals and field cues will include: "Take It" - retrieving the correct item, "Drop" - drop item when and where asked, "Whoa" - stop in place immediately. Basics such as Heel, Stay, Sit, Come, Down and Off will be reviewed.

(Semi Annually at Canine Country School)

Scent Detection / Tracking

Does your dog LOVE to sniff when you're on walks? Did you know a THIRD of your dog's brain is dedicated to the sense of smell? Make your dog happy and join us for fun learning! Work towards earning an AKC title or come to learn the working knowledge of training and scent work to prepare your dog to find lost people, pets or items. Scenting activities are fun for virtually all dog types, temperaments, and ages. Scenting in a structured way helps to build confidence and focus in your canine companion. Join us for some healthy mental and physical exercise which uses your dog's natural instinct to solve problems.

(Quarterly at Canine Country School)


Skijoring is the sport of cross country skiing with a dog in front - consistently pulling the handler by a waist belt. Turbo charge your time and workout together with this combination and with little financial investment for immediate success. Skijor training and exercise class is designed for dogs that enjoy pulling. Embrace winter while enhancing the relationship between you and your dog. This exciting class will work for all skill levels. Learn how to keep your active, working dog safe and legal in the backcountry while cross country skiing with a group of like minded dog owners. Classes are held in Western Eagle and Eastern Garfield Counties and are easy to moderate in difficulty. Trails are not groomed and learning to work with the conditions presented is part of the fun. Work with a trainer who will organize and oversee each outing.

(Semi Annually at Canine Country School)

Herding Introduction

See if your dog has what it takes to herd, whether you have a teacup Poodle or Border Collie. This workshop will give you the opportunity to work your dog around dog-savvy animals. Ducks, sheep, goats and cattle will be available. Dogs demonstrating a reliable recall, down and stay and overall sense of self control will have more access to the animals.

(Annually at Canine Country School)

Classes are dependent upon a minimum of five committed participants, so call today to reserve you and your pup's spot in the classes you want this year

Stay updated by checking our calendar

Certifications / Evaluations

Alliance of Therapy Dogs Evaluation



Semi-annually or as requested, $10-$15

Red Cross Pet 1st Aid & CPR

Annually or as requested, $55

Canine Life And Social Skills (CLASS) Testing

Regularly throughout the year, $10

Ask us how we can customize training for you

All classes require dogs to be healthy and vaccinated

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